With the Maryland Institute College of Art, Close isn’t Home created Grandma’s Quilt in collaboration with Faith Chamblee.

Faith Chamblee, an animator who currently attends MICA, submitted a quilt that her grandmother had made (reference images below).

“While I know that quilts were not invented by black people or more specifically African Americans, it is said that some African traditions transferred to African American quilt making. ‘The lore goes that African Americans used quilts to share secret messages to travel through the Underground Railroad.’

Many quilts that were made in times of slavery were made from scraps of fabric, and the women who made them used what they had to keep their families warm, but also used technique and skill to make them visually pleasing.”

“I think I only saw my grandma make quilts a handful of times but I know everyone in our family (I have 10 aunts and uncles) has at least 2. Even though she has now passed I am grateful that we are all able to have her artwork (even if she may not have thought of it as such) in our homes.”

-Faith Chamblee

Hosted by the Maryland Institute College of Art, we live-streamed a tutorial on creating a quilt on Blender. You can watch it here: