Close isn’t Home skillshares are collaboration projects with BIPOC creatives who submit specific modeling ideas.

Close isn’t Home worked with Musfira Shaffi and her reference photos to recreate regionally specific Pakistani and Indian sodas into 3D models. These sodas were Rooh Afza, Pakola, and Thums Up. The models were shared with Musfira, posted onto the Close isn’t Home Instagram, and made available for download in the open-source library.

Reference images of Rooh Afza & Thums Up from Musfira.

“These subcontinental drinks symbolize memories of intimacy and shared history while acting as an emotional anchor for those away from home. They serve as personal markers of cultural memory - Iftars in Ramadan where my grandmother would pour Rooh Afza into glasses of milk to celebrate the end of a long fast, mornings spent shopping for fruit and vegetables at the Sunday bazaar, where a chilled Pakola bottle would be fished out from an icy cooler and presented as a treat, and afternoons where Thums Up would be served with ice cubes and a sprinkling of garam masala as a rare accompaniment to my mother's spicy, fragrant biryani.”

“Since Thums Up is not available in Pakistan, my family would order cans from relatives traveling to Dubai and ration these out over the space of a few weeks. These are drinks that do not only serve as refreshments but also a spirit of shared identity and nostalgia.”

“Rooh Afza is embraced for its refreshing rose flavor, especially by those fasting during Ramadan in the hot summer months. Pakola - short for Pakistan cola - was launched on the anniversary of Pakistan's Independence, 14 August 1950. Pakistanis have called this drink "a national treasure" and "one of the best things about this country. Thums Up is a fizzy drink beloved in India for its use of cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg, making it spicier than other colas in the market.”

-Musfira Shaffi