In collaboration with Divya Nayar and Refusing Refusal, the Close isn’t Home team did a skillshare submission from Maria Lam, as well as a Youtube 3D modeling livestream.

Close isn’t Home worked with Maria Lam, an interdisciplinary emerging artist from LA, to create a 3D model of architecture from the Ancient City of Tikal. The model was intended to be used by Maria to create a video art piece for an installation exhibition.

Reference image of Tikal from Maria.

“As an anticolonial act investigating the decontextualized experience of Latinx immigrants living in the U.S., this model will be utilized as a means of connecting with Mesoamerican history in a three-dimensional visual space.

The model will be part of an art installation seeking to investigate the fragmented, parallactic sensations resulting from both the distancing and confluence of multiple cultures through the themes of personal history and simultaneity. The site-based installation work will incorporate elements of performance art, painting, and sculpture.”

-Maria Lam

The model was shared with Maria, modeled live on Youtube, and made available for download in the open-source library. You can watch the livestream here: